100 years

It feels like it's been a 100 years since I wrote you guys something. Yes this post will be in English, I have a few international readers and I thought it would be nice to reach out to them too. 
Och för er som inte förstår engelska så använder jag mig utav Google translate så ni kan översätta bloggen till det språk som passar. 
Well, I want to tell you guys everything, but of course I can't. .. Maybe someday. 
Me and Simon went for a trip to London a few weeks ago, it was nice, and i thank the gods that i had my Amex with me. Otherwise the trip would be quite boring. I found a new love in London, Primark ❤️ It's like the best thing ever and everything is like between 1£-10£. ( primark is a store) 
We we also went to the Natural History Museum, I've been looking forward to a visit for a loooooong time, sadly I was a little disappointed, I thought it would be more, I don't know, more exciting. Well Fail. It was okay anyway, I bought a awesome hoodie with dino print and a pluch toy tyrannosaur 😁
In a few weeks we are moving to our new apartment, I'm looking forward to having a bigger closet ! The dogs will love our new garden ☺️ 

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